Based on the new dual level so-called Register-Registrar Registration System of .ee domain rules, persons who wish to begin dealing with the registration of Estonian ccTLD sub-domains can accredit themselves at the Estonian Internet Foundation as an .ee Registrar. If the Registrar meets all of the requirements set by the Estonian Internet Foundation in the Registrar Contract, he/she may become a Registrar.


In accordance with the Registration Contract, it is the right and obligation of the Registrar to offer Registrants the following Registration Services:

  • Domain Name registration
  • Deletion of a registration
  • Extension of a registration
  • Transferring of a Domain Name
  • Updating of contact information
  • Administration of name servers
  • Registrar change


The accreditation process for Registrars is comprised of the following stages:

  • Submission of application for becoming a Registrar;
  • At least one of the applicant’s employees is certified by the Estonian Internet Foundation (has completed the training programme);
  • The applicant has successfully completed the registry’s EPP server test;
  • Agreed to the terms and conditions of the Estonian Internet Foundation’s Registrar Contract.


The application is the potential Registrar’s first step on the road to becoming a Registrar. Prior to the submission of an application to the EIF, one should definitely examine the contents of the Registrar Contract and analyse the organisation’s capability to cope with all the rights and obligations listed therein. The application can be examined and submitted here. Submitted applications shall be reviewed by the Estonian Internet Foundation at the first available opportunity. If the information listed in the application is incomplete, then the EIF shall let the applicant know.

Registrar application

Registrar applications must be filled and signed by a competent representative. Signed applications can be sent or brought to Estonian Internet Foundation's location at Paldiski mnt 80, 10617 Tallinn, Estonia or signed applications can be sent to application[A]internet.ee.


Following the receipt of a suitable application, the EIF sends the applicant information for completing the training programme, including opportunities for completing the EPP server test. The sequence in time is designated is such a manner that the applicant is able to select the most suitable variant on his/her own from among the offered variants. In order to ensure that a member of the applicant’s team has acquired sufficient knowledge regarding the general operation of the domain world as well as Estonia’s registry system, at least one employee or representative of the applicant must pass the written test based on the training programme. Upon the successful completion of the test, the person may consider themselves to be a certified employee. Certification is individual and belongs to the person who has successfully completed the test. If, for example, the certified employee moves from one registrar to another, then the certification moves with them. If such a situation results in the first Registrar no longer having a single registered employee, the Registrar must, within three months, certify a new employee at the Estonian Internet Foundation.


To ensure that the applicant is capable of communicating with the registry’s EPP server, an EPP test must be completed. The test is used to control whether the applicant is capable of creating all seven registry entry related EPP commands and forwarding them to the registry’s EPP test server. The applicant is forwarded the registry’s EPP test server data so that the applicant would be able to control the operation of their software. When the applicant is ready for testing, the test data is forwarded to him/her. EIF controls the results of the test and notifies the applicant.


The Registrar Contract is signed in paper format by the authorised representatives of EIF and the Registrar.

Additional Registrar related questions can be sent to the e-mail address of Registrars coordinator Helen Aaremäe, helen.aaremae[A]internet.ee.